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Claire William Hobart
January 1914 – December 1993


Claire Hobart was born a premature twin during
January 1914. His sibling died shortly after
birth, and Claire spent the first 3 months of his
life in an incubator. It was at the end of this
period that he lost his eyesight.

While some blind children were sent to the
School for Feeble-Minded and Colony for
Epileptics in Faribault, Minnesota, Claire was
given instruction by his family and a local tutor.
He learned to play simple songs on the piano
while only 2 years old. Claire spent much of
his youth writing poetry and songs and reading
anything written in Braille.

Hobart graduated high school in 1931 and went
on to attend Gustavus Adolphus College. He
became fully interested in serving the Lord
during his early years at Gustavus. Claire
graduated from college in 1935 and within four
years had his first hymn book published.


Hobart continued living in Minnesota after
graduating from Gustavus. This changed
following his marriage to Norma Lien during
1948. The newlyweds moved to Laredo,
Texas, and shortly thereafter, they founded La
Luz Del Mundo (The Light of the World), a
“school” for low-income blind students.
The couple funded the school in part with
money raised performing gospel concerts to
various church congregations. During these
travels, Hobart would write letters to his mother
and pen new hymns. Many of these songs
were eventually published and sold to help
raise additional money.

Claire Hobart died on 4 December 1993.
Shortly before his death he was awarded The
Service Award by the Gustavus Adolphus
College Associations of Congregations. Norma
Lien Hobart died during 2000.


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