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OLD MAIN (1876-1889)

The Main building was the first building built when Gustavus moved to St. Peter in 1876. It housed everything, including classrooms, offices, living quarters, and the library. In the beginning the library consisted of approximately 500 volumes and additional donations were actively being sought. By 1887, the library held 3,100 volumes. The library was open during Friday at 4:30pm and Saturday at 12:30pm for students to access books “as the geologist studies rocks, by handling them.” (Catalog, 1887-88) J.A. Bauman and D.K. Frick served as librarian during this time. Until 1919, faculty members were appointed as librarian and assumed both teaching and library duties.

Frick began classifying the library collection according to the Dewey Decimal system which would continue until 1967. He also received a gift of 1,700 volumes as a bequest from Prof. Henry I. Schmidt of Columbia University.

Beginning in 1885 students were charged a library fee of 50¢ per year.


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